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The semantic suite for the global market  

A Horizontal Platform that provides better search and navigation through content inside and outside “the wall” -  enables organizations to achieve maximum return from mixed and non structured data transforming it into real business knowledge.

It understands content in non structured data spread inside / outside the organization; it will  automatically interpret metadata.

Our trend? To build pure semantic systems that do more for the user, yield more revelant results with less effort!

Key Features:

 ++ 100% WEB client Rich User interface with drill up & drill down features;

 ++ Integration with all database types and enterprise systems;

 ++ Various Connectors & ADD-ONs for Microsoft & Open Source Applications;

 ++ The WEB service-interface (SOA-Framework) that enables easy integration;

 ++ Support for all W3C Semantic WEB recommendations like OWL, RDFS;

 ++ Ontology Concept based for stronger business model adoption.


OOBIAN Architecture