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TICE Showcase  

Today was launched a platform containing national products, services and solutions of technology, communication and electronics. This initiative came from the Portuguese center for competitiveness in the Information, Communication and Electronic Technologies ( TICE.PT) and aims to build an easy way to reach structured and detailed information about Portuguese offers, enhancing its national and international visibility. 
Portugal Inovador, o Mercado Ibérico - TICE  


Invited by AICEP and TICE.PT, MAISIS attended, last 14th October in Salamanca (Spain), the event “Portugal Inovador, o Mercado Ibérico – TICE” (Innovative Portugal, The Iberian Market – TICE”) sponsored by Caixa Geral de Depósitos, having the opportunity to present its knowledge management product – OOBIAN.

World Search Microsoft Project  


World Search Microsoft is an I&D project for future research technologies, general information and business-relevant semantics, with proper knowledge of Portuguese language, culture and market. This project is undertaken by a consortium of several companies, including MAISIS, in collaboration with several corporate R&D centers and academic institutions.
The main goal of this project is to place Portugal, in 2015, among the top 3 reference EU countries in Internet domain and corporate search technologies, increasing and making search domain a key component of portuguese strategy for Communication and Information Technologies.

OOBIAN@Portugal Tecnológico  

Portugal Tecnológico ("Technological Portugal"), the nation's largest technology and innovation show, will be held from 22nd to 26th September at the FIL exhibition center, Lisbon.
We believe that 2010 edition will be a success due to its innovation nature, provided by the innovative solutions that will be presented by several companies, particularly by MAISIS, presenting  his product OOBIAN.

Visit us at TICE.PT stand! 
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